Are you generally happy with your hair, but whenever you look in the mirror you feel something is missing? Perhaps you just need to add a bit more style to you do. The stylists at Li Salon are here to give you the hair you want to see. You will be amazed at how a few, small alterations can make such a big difference.

However, picking out the right style for yourself is not always easy. You have to find something that reflects your individual style because you hair is the most important accessory you have. People change; so do styles. The hair you had last year may not reflect your feelings and personal outlook as it is now. The stylists at Li Salon take this into account for all of our clients. We know that your hair has to match the person you are right now, whatever that may be. That is why we take the time to perform thorough consultations so that we know our clients find exactly what they're looking for.

Style in One Word

Just give us the word and we'll get it done. You may not know the specific style you want, but you know what you'd like to convey to people. Sporty, edgy, natural, playful, elegant, confident, glamorous - any one of these words can give an experienced stylist a starting point. Once our clients give us the general feel they're looking for, we get to work.

The Right Product

You hair goes through a lot. With wind, sun, pollution, heat, cold and more, it's no surprise that hair sometimes need some extras special care. Li Salon can help you choose the right products for your hair to keep it healthy and looking great.


Ready for a new style? Let's get started.